I Trusted Her, My Friend!

He fell to thinking for a while and went on, “You know, Shogo, if she goes to New York, I’ll definitely break up with her. Just wait and see what’ll happen. I am very sure that she’ll go to New York though.”

Here he received a message and annoyingly picked up the iPhone. He checked it, sent it back, and exclaimed, “What a manipulated whore!”

He lit a cigarette nervously and stared at the iPhone ponderingly for a while. And then he flared up, “Can you believe what she just said? She wrote: ‘I love you.’ Does she think that I’ll buy her ambidexterity? If she does, she is dangerously underestimating me, my friend. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; the immutable fact is that she’s cheated on me. I’ll break up with her when she comes back to Mexico from Peru!”

I tried to soothe his rage, “But, Gerardo, you don’t know anything about the affair. You just read the messages, man. Maybe, she is just flirting with him, who knows? She might not go to New York, so why don’t you give her another chance? Please don’t rush to judge, man.”

To my great astonishment, indignant tears welled up in his eyes. He turned away and whistled to a Mexican ballad to hide them. And then he replied, in a quavering voice, “Nope. I can’t give her another chance, my friend. She’s made a rendezvous with her ex-boyfriend behind my back and boldly cheated on me in the whole time; that is more than enough for me to handle with, you know…. I trusted her, my friend, I thought she was loyal to me. But I was sadly wrong; she is the lady of the evening, so to say.” Here he managed to slip a wink and declared, “Yeah, you might be right; I should give her another chance and see what’ll happen, why not? Notwithstanding, I am certain that she is going to New York. And if she does, I tell you, my friend, it’ll be irrevocably over. I’ll break up with her, full stop. Period. Gerarod Veloz.”

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