Because I Need to Know the Truth!

I was hypnotically entranced by the awe-inspiring passage and deliriously rambling on, “The scree’s migration… the scree is a town… it’s a peaceful community… rolling stones…,” while breezing into the bedroom. As I was about to turn on the fluorescent lamp, someone snarled form the darkness, “What are you babbling about, son of bitch?”

I was spooked by the grave voice and said frighteningly, crossing over myself, “Who the hell are you? Manifest yourself in Jesus’ name!” And then I turned on the light and gazed at the inauspicious silhouette. Lo and behold, it was Gerardo. He was motionlessly sitting on the bed, with his laptop and morosely glaring at the wall.

“Christ, I thought nobody was in the apartment. What were you doing in the total darkness?” I asked bewilderedly. But he grievously discarded the question and uttered tersely, pointing his index finger at the screen, “Look, my friend… look at here… just look!” It was Jessica’s Facebook page. The message said: “I cannot forget your pretty face, my sweet angel. I always think of you. When do you intend to radiate New York with your lovely smile? I miss you so much.” He explained me that it was her ex-boyfriend from New York and showed me her reply: “I miss you, too. I am coming to New York around April. We should hang out, love.”

After a brief pause, he cried out, “What a whore! I can’t believe it!”

“Calm down, Gerardo. They are just messages. You’re not sure that if she is really going to New York. By the way, how could you access to her messages?”

“I stole her password,” he snapped.

“What? Idiot, again? Why do you always steal every your girlfriend’s password? Do you remember what happened when you stole Maria’s password? You saw what you didn’t want to see and almost broke up with her.”

“Because I need to know the truth! I can’t trust women. I have a constant suspicion on them.”

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