What Is Wrong with That?

He lights a cigarette and puffs in the air. And he asserts, “Shogo, I didn’t say you’re wrong. Of course, you’re absolutely right, my friend. A writer should write a book from his heart. But you should understand his point of view: he thinks of writing as a business. He wants to make money through his writing. What is wrong with that? That’s why he concentrates his energy on how to market his books and considers about the best way to spread his messages. Some people just think like that, so don’t take it personally.”

I am getting peeved and utter, “Gerardo, you’re missing my point. If he completes his books and then gives his attention for marketing, I’ll underhand his way except stupid keywords. However, look, man, he is engrossed in marketing books before he finishes writing them – that’s utterly ludicrous. In the first place, one must concentrate on writing his book with all his might, and then he starts thinking about marketing. I tell you, my friend, if one writes a great book, he won’t be unnoticed.”

“As I told you, you’re absolutely right; however, you should understand some people think of writing as a business. Just like that. You just need to accept it. And I know you’ll never accept it, because you’re the most obstinate son of bitch I’ve ever met under the mighty sun, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, I have a telephone meeting in ten minutes, so see you at the night, my friend!”

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