He Thinks about Writing As a Business, But Not Art

I am hugely disappointed in Majid. I still do not comprehend why he does not try to write from his heart, since his mission as a writer is coaching people how to have inner peace in their heart and how to get rid of distractions from one’s thought – he is preaching spiritualty. Majid’s attitude toward writing is deeply disturbing my heart and soul. How on earth doesn’t he care that he spreads absurd messages all over the world every time he posts his senseless articles? How could he possibly say that he does not care the quality of his writing? I am heading back to the apartment with a much troubled heart.

Gerardo has been working in his room when I come back to the apartment. As soon as he catches sight of me barging in the room disconcertedly, he startles, “What’s up man? What’s wrong with you? Why did you open the door so violently?”


“I’m sorry, man. I just don’t understand modern people. Why do they always think about money? Why don’t they care about the quality, but only care about benefits? I don’t comprehend anything, man!”

“Calm down, Shogo. Just explain me what happened,” he is soothing me by offering a cigarette.

I let him light a cigarette for me and collapse on my mattress. I am looking down for a while to compose myself, then begin telling him everything what happened at Starbucks. He listens attentively to my story and speaks, “Shogo, you should understand him. This is his way of writing. You can’t force him to write in your way.”

I am shaking my head and explaining him more clearly, “Gerardo, you don’t understand anything. I’m saying modern people are something wrong, for they only care about money. He thinks about writing as a business, but not art. If he wants to be a writer, he has to write from his heart and stop thinking about keywords. He used the same keyword over fifteen times in a short article that is preposterous. And he always checks which keywords are frequently searched on Google before he starts writing an article, that is completely unacceptable as a writer to boot – I tell you, my friend.”

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