Not Able to Touch People’s Heart

Here he draws his laptop toward me and says, “Shogo, look at the screen. This is my blog. I know you don’t like technology, but you should start blogging. I’ll explain you the advantage of blogging. First of all, nobody knows about you right now, so naturally, it’ll be difficult for you to find a publisher. However, consider about what I’m going to tell you: if you have your own blog, which supposes to have over three thousand visitors per month, you can impress a publisher with this very fact. For example, I’ve been blogging for over a year and posted a number of articles so far. Look at this article, Shogo. Do you notice that I’m using the word, ‘spiritual life’ numerous times in my article? I used the same words due to Google search engine. I’ve researched what sorts of words are searched on Google frequently and found that that word is searched frequently. I’ve compared many similar words with this one, and this one is the most popular result. In short, I used ‘spiritual life’ fifteen times in this short article, so that search engine will likely pick up my article every time people search ‘spiritual life’ on Google. This is called keyword,” he nods satisfyingly.

I know that he is trying to help me; however, I disagree with his method and writing style. I am getting bothered with his delusional chit-chat in the highest degree. Therefore, I let out, “But Majid, what you’re telling me is quite nonsense. I thoroughly understand the advantage of blogging; however, I totally disagree with your writing style. Think about what you’re doing? You don’t write from your heart, but you’re thinking about only keywords and putting them as many times as possible in your articles. Who are going to read these kinds of nonsensical articles? Wake up, Majid, you’d better write what you truly feel and stop thinking about keywords. Otherwise, your writing is not able to touch people’s heart.”

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