Publishing Business Is a Very Dirty Business Nowadays

He drinks a coffee and asks, “Have you ever attended any writers’ lectures about how to publish and market a book?”

“Nope. I’ve never attended any lectures. Besides, I’m not interested in such a business lecture.”

“Shogo, I guess you’re very naïve,” he says considerably, “you have to understand that publishing business is a very dirty business nowadays. I know about it, for I’ve been attending a number of writers’ lectures, and all of them said the same thing. Let me enlighten you the reality. When you find a publisher, they give you a contract to read which is extremely complicated. Thus, you need to hire a lawyer to read them so that you won’t be deceived. Otherwise, you’ll be messed up; they’ll take every advantage to deceive you to make benefits.”

I frown and respond, “I guess you exaggerate the condition of publishing business too much. Of course, you’re right about me; I don’t know anything about it. However, I don’t believe that every publisher is dishonest, as you described. If every publisher has evil intentions, how can I find a right publisher?”

“That’s why you need a literary agent, Shogo. They know about book business all of the ‘ins and outs.’ They’ll help you to read a contract and find a suitable publisher for you. As a result, it’ll be better for you to start finding an ardent literary agent as soon as possible.”

“Thanks for the tip, but I still think that it’s early for me to worry about publishers, because I haven’t completed the book yet. Many thanks for your concern though.”

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