That’s New To Me, I Confess

It was past 5:00 a.m. when I witnessed the trepidation. Even these days I can vividly picture in my mind that how Gerardo was standing alone at the empty dance floor dejectedly. I was nonplused to see him standing on the deserted dance floor with his head down. I approached him with much apprehension and asked perplexedly, “What is going on, my friend? I thought you had a gay time.”

He looked at me with a vanquished look and opened up his heart, “Yeah, I admit I really had a great time and love this place very much. I saw many beautiful vaginas and had many options to choose, but I don’t comprehend the phenomenon. Why on earth couldn’t I get a single vagina throughout the night? – that’s new to me, I confess. I’m as handsome as Narcissus; I dressed up nicely and danced like a sweet hurricane. I was ready to sweep a beautiful vagina’s feet off anytime opportunities arose. But alas, Shogo, look at me, here Gerardo Veloz, the exceptional handsome dude, is standing alone with empty hands. I wasn’t trying to get exceptionally ravishing vaginas, but I was trying to get a moderate vagina, but here I am – with empty hands, standing alone! That’s totally new to me!”

I felt sorry for him, because I know how much he wanted to get laid for the final night adventure. Whereof, I said sympathetically, “But my friend, you enjoyed too much tonight. So don’t be ashamed on your failed mission. You danced like a blissful moonstruck and had a great time – that was everything, I guess. But the problem with you is that you were constantly busy taking pictures and videotaping the hot blond vagina. As a matter of fact, you were forever gazing at her, watering your mouth throughout the night. You didn’t talk to other vaginas who seemed available. I suppose it was entirely your fault.”

“Shut up, man! I know I was busy videotaping the insanely sexy vagina. Golly, because of the arrogant vagina, I missed the opportunities to practice my art of fornication tonight! It was unforgivable! But I just couldn’t help it – that’s the truth. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes off the mesmerising vagina. Even though she ruined my final adventure, I love her dearly. Damn it, what a power she possesses!” he was laughing.

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