Can’t Help It!

While I was engaging in talking with a Swedish vagina, Gerardo was rushing toward me, as if it were matter of life and death, and uttered fascinatingly, “Shogo, look at that blond vagina who is just sailing in. Oh my God! She is ravishing and looks like an enchanting Russian princess. Do you know why she feels like a goddess as soon as she walks into the threshold? Because everyone is staring at her and can’t keep their eyes off her. All in all, she knows that her unearthly beauty has the power to magnetize men’s attention. Look at her pompous mien and stride; she is so arrogant and aloof. But what can I say? I’m already in love with her. Can’t help it!”

With that, he hasted elbowing the excited mob to go through, so that he can be close to her enough for taking pictures and videotaping her.

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