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In the world you will have trouble but take courage for I have conquered the world. At last, we invaded the right night club and enjoyed the night to the fullest. As soon as we sailed into FERIA TOKYO, a number of sexy vaginas were welcoming us. Gerardo barked ecstatically, “This is what I’m talking about. Oh my God, so many beautiful vaginas are dancing libidinously. Thank God, no more skinny Japanese vaginas! I swear I’ll bang one of them tonight. You’ll see, you’ll see, my friend. I’ll definitely bang one of them!”

Jorgito showed us his courage, as he prophesied. The truth be told, it was too much. He was as happy as Dionysius. He was constantly drinking and dancing. I have never seen him drinking and dancing so wild. To my astonishment, he started shaking his ass like a jubilant donkey and constantly shouting incomprehensible things at the top of his voice. On top of it all, he was twirling on the dance floor at no end – he was twirling for his dear life. Gerardo was surprised as well and remarked, “By Jove, I’ve never seen him drinking too much as tonight. And also I can’t believe in my own eyes that stupid Jorge is twirling around the dance floor, like a lost marionette. I really think idiot is too happy!”