I’m Outraged!

I was startled by his raging performance and shouted, “What the hell is the matter with you? For heaven’s sake, tell me what the meaning of your conniption is?”

“You have no idea, amigo, you have no idea that how I’m foreboding about being an imminent slave again! You should know that I’m petrified and shivered from my head to toe nails whenever I hear the word of job. Every time the image of my future boss and colleagues popped up in my mind, I’ll scream my head off. Why? Because I don’t want to pretend to obey my future boss. And I abhor talking with my future colleagues about the stupid job all the time. Every time I picture myself that I’ll deceit myself boldly and pretend to be a good slave, I’m outraged. I’m sick of my abortive and humiliating circumstances, but I need money to survive, you know, that’s the solo reason I’m taking a fucking job again. I hate participating in this senseless society system from my guts, but what can I do, man? The world is threatening me to take a job and be a slave again. Unfortunately, we’ve been living in the impractical materialistic world, which means that money is everything. If I don’t have money, the world won’t help me and will kick my ass murderously to a ditch, as if I were a detestable homeless dog!”

Here he must have felt the pain, because he started checking his right fist anxiously and showing agony in his face. He lapsed into silence for a while and resumed, “Shogo, please never mention the fucking job again. You totally understand what I’m talking about, since you’re humiliating yourself every single day for the sake of earning money. We must do something before it’s too late, amigo – save the world, so to speak. Anyway, tonight is my last night in Japan, so I’ll forget everything and ultimately enjoy the night, as if it were my last night on this delightful earth. By the way, I think I just broke my fingers because I can’t clinch my right fist. Shit, it hurts too much!”

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