My Courage Wants to Laugh Tonight

It was the Fourth of January that we came back to Tokyo. Gerardo and Jorgito called the shots: we must crash Roppongi tonight, since it was their last day of sojourn in Japan. We hurried to head back to my house, so that we could take a shower and change clothes for the final night adventure. To my great amazement, Gerardo donned a new shirt, new jeans, a new coat, and new shoes – he spruced up with new attires in toto. “Son of a bitch has determined to get laid tonight,” I thought to myself. What is more, Jorgito became a weather prophet and predicted about the night adventure, in an imposing tone: “My courage wants to laugh tonight. I would show you the real courage tonight, which will be lionized.”

As we arrived at Roppongi Station, I said to Jorgito as a joke, “Amigo, you must enjoy tonight to the fullest and show all your courage so that you won’t regret anything. Tomorrow you’re flying back to Mexico, and your new job is waiting for you.”

“Amigo, don’t ever mention the fucking job again!” With that, he swung his right fist to hit the wall, with a brute force, as if he were about to knock out Mike Tyson.

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