Life Is Right Now, You Know

“Heaven! Idiot! I can’t believe that you were secretly planning to lynch me seven years ago. Over all, you shouldn’t have laughed at the misfortune of a wretched pariah, man! Remember, in this part of the world you have to endure things that are no joke – my misfortune is one of them. It’s a sheer torture!” I was shaking my head displeasingly.

“I am sorry, Shogo. I am really sorry for laughing in your face, but I simply can’t help it. Please escape from Japan before it annihilates you, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, stupid Gerardo is still using internet. He knows I’m faster than him to be browsing through internet. In fact, I can open a dozen homepages simultaneously and can check a good night club just for five minutes. But Gerardo didn’t listen to me and insisted he would check it. I know what he is being up to right now – he isn’t checking a night club; he is checking the e-mail inbox. He wants to know whether something has happened for his job during his two weeks-absence. Can you beat it? Shogo, we’re being on the vacation, but he is thinking about the job! What a sickness! We still have more two days to enjoy this fantastic vacation, but he’s been already worried about the stupid job! Who cares about a stupid job? Life is right now, you know. We must enjoy the moment to the fullest and must forget a stupid job, but anxious Gerardo! Why can’t he wait to check a pointless job schedule until he returns to Mexico? Why is he deliberately trying to spoil our joy! Why can’t he just forgo the future for a while, let himself lose, and start dancing to the present? I don’t understand anything!”

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