You Are a Rare Magnanimous Bird

He wiped laughing tears with both of his hands and tried to compose himself. And then he went on, “All joking aside, Shogo, I have to impart a dark secret to you, you know, I have a dark side, that I can’t shake off, ha-ha-ha…. When Gerardo told me that he made Japanese friend in Vancouver and invited you to visit my fatherland, I was alarmed. You know, many Mexicans consider that Japanese are very doll creatures, who do nothing, except working five days a week like a machine. I was very curious how come he became the friend of Japanese. But he explained me that he didn’t like Japanese people, tried to stay away from them for his own good, and earnestly thought he would never make Japanese friends in Vancouver. However, as soon as he met you, his view was dramatically changed. He told me that you are a totally different bird from other Japanese and original individual. And also he assured me that I would like you immediately – you and I would become good friends to each other instantly. As a matter of fact, Gerardo was absolutely right – you are a rare magnanimous bird; you are my best friend and like a brother to me now. Dear Shogo, please don’t be angry with me and listen to me. What I’m trying to disclose here is that I was actually planning to lynch you out of the respect of my own race, when you descended upon Mexican soil, if you were like ill-considered Japanese. You know how patriotic I am and how much I’m concerned about the wellbeing of my fellow countrymen. Anyway, thank God – I hadn’t felt the necessity for lynching you, since you’re a thoroughly unique individual, ha-ha-ha….”


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