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Here he was suddenly bursting out laughing apropos of nothing, with noticeable tears in his eyes. I was totally perplexed by his fit of laughter and thought that Japanese antagonism might have made him a raving lunatic. Ergo, I asked him in a wary manner, “What is going on, Jorgito? Are you still in a right mind?”

“I’m oaky, I’m okay, amigo… sorry… I’m just… you know… I’m just wondering how you’ve been surviving under the suffocated climate for such a long time. No offence, amigo, but if I were in your shoes, I would have already committed suicide, to be sure. How could you keep on sustaining under the offensively rigid rules of Japanese society? Shogo, how could you prevent yourself from losing your mind? For the love of God, would you please leave goddamn Japan immediately? You know, amigo, Japan is Siberia for you, and Japanese will be caning you if you don’t escape forthwith, ha-ha-ha….”