I Am Wide Awoken Now

He must have felt umbrage at the Japanese social snub, because he was talking to himself aloud and walking on the street to and fro, blandishing his right fist toward heaven riotously, like Don Quixote was slashing invisible giants. I was a bit intimidated by his raging performance, so I said as tenderly as possible in order to placate his outrage, “Amigo, please calm down. I know why you’re outraged, but you have to understand you are not in Mexico; you are in Japan. This kind of foolishness is everywhere; this is the way how things work in Japan unfortunately.”

“Don’t give me that malarkey!” he roared. “Why, amigo? Why didn’t the jackass allow us to come along with Gerardo? It was so stupid! In Mexico we can go together to wait for friends and so can other countries, except fucking Japan! I’ve knocked about many countries in my life but never seen anywhere, such lackluster people like Japanese! To tell the truth, amigo, at first I didn’t understand why you hate your own country and fellow countrymen so much. And I thought Japan was a very beautiful country. Above all, I was extremely impressed by Japan, where everything is organized perfectly, for example, trains always come on time, impressive skyscrapers, streets are clean and even, immaculate toilets with an ass washer, and so on and so forth. However, only ten days is enough for me to uncover the real Japan. Amigo, I am wide awoken now – I can no longer stand fatuous Japanese anymore. I’m starting to hate Japan to my guts and sick of Japanese frivolities; Japanese are endlessly talking about rules, you know…. Everywhere I go, they are forever talking about rules, rules, rules… damn it! Their narrow-mindedness makes me puke. Besides, Japanese rigid rules of social behavior suffocate me to death. I’ve never thought that Japan is as tough nut to crack, as you’ve described, but I do now. And you’ve always told me about the regimented unemotional Japanese social system which is accepted, without question, by most people. I’m telling you, as God is my witness, you’re out-and-out right about it, amigo!”

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