Japanese Dive Me Crazy!”

As we arrived at a strip club, we were crestfallen to see that it was closed. Jorgito was beyond exasperation and cried out in distress, “Amigo, I can’t believe in this stupid country. How come? I just want to enjoy the night life – that’s all. Why does the simplest thing become the most complicated thing in Japan? In Mexico everything is very easy, and people are so friendly. If I want to enjoy a night life, it’s very easy for me to find a great place, like snapping fingers. But alas, fucking Japan! I felt like being insulted again tonight. Why, man? Why on earth can’t I have fun at a whorehouse? Because I am Mexican? And to cap it all, only one strip club in Pontocho is fucking closed! It’s too much! In addition, why the hell does Japan have a lot of conversation clubs? Who cares about stupid talking except repulsive Japanese pricks? Christ, Japanese dive me crazy!”

As a result, we changed a plan and decided to go to a night club. We found out that there was only one night club in Pontocho. It was called WORLD. As we sailed into the night club, we were destined to witness another horror. We were utterly speechless and opened our mouth by the initial shock. We could not comprehend anything; there were only three Japanese dumbbells who were dancing on the dance floor, and they seemed shockingly intoxicated. Gerardo was thunderstruck by a hollow sphere and remarked in a petrified voice, “Oh my God, oh my God! What the fuck is this? Only three gays are dancing, with scandalously disgusted expressions on their faces. Shogo, I must confess that my eyes have just casted on the worst night club on the face of this earth! Don’t expect I’ll chunk out my stallion for nothing!”

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