You Really Sabotaged Me, Man!

Jorgito was leaning his back on the wall dreadfully and watching the place, with vacant eyes and his hands in his pockets, as if he tried to perceive the situation. And then he was studying a happy throng dancing for a while, in his trance like attitude. Finally, he trudged toward us with a defeated look and announced his conclusion, “This place sucks, you know. This fucking place really sucks! I hate hip-hop so much, and this is not my music! I can only see only black people and few Japanese vaginas. I need more international vaginas, you know… I need more varieties to choose from. Let’s get just one drink and get the hell out of here!”

After finishing a drink, we decided to beat the place and stormed out like furious hurricane. As soon as we hit the street, Gerardo lit a cigarette and ranted, in a vexed voice, “Shogo, you don’t know anything about the night life in Japan. I really wanted to enjoy and get laid on the New Year, but again, you took us to the rotten place. It’s simply outrage, man! I know stupid Jorge made impetuous decision, but you should know better! We spent too much money on that frivolous place. I can’t spend any money for tonight. You sabotaged me, man. You really sabotaged me, man!”

Here some attractive European vaginas were sailing out the right next to the night club. And I suggested, “Calm down, son of a bitch! Look over there, you see, there are angelic blond vaginas. We should invade that night club next time.”

“Oh my God! Are you nuts? You just saw only a few comely vaginas sailing out. We don’t know anything about that night club. I admit they’re pleasing to eyes, but I want to make sure before we make a decision. We really need to research for the next adventure, my friend.”

“Let’s go home and take a rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another day, amigo!” Jorgito said optimistically.

Another failed night adventure made us fatigued with body and soul. We, three of us, walked into the dark night with the heart full of disappointment.

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