The Worst Unwelcome Scene Was Waiting for Us

As we emerged from Roppongi Station, Jorgito was too excited and did not have enough patience to reconnoiter a path for many. As soon as he saw a first night club, he rushed into the night club and impatiently begged me to ask them about a cover. They informed me that it would be six thousand yen due to the New Year night. I thought that it was quite expensive. Gerardo had the same opinion as me and suggested that we had better check other night clubs first and then decide. However, Jorgito could not wait for the New Year night fever anymore and made an impetuous decision. We could not stop him – he paid the cover swiftly like a flash and sailed into the dance floor before Gerardo and I grasped the situation. We had no choice – paid the unreasonably expensive cover and followed him.

As we entered the dance floor, the worst unwelcome scene was waiting for us. The music was hip-hop, and the place was packed with full of black people and a few ugly Japanese vaginas.

Gerardo was shocked to see the place and bellowed an outburst of complaining, “Stupid Jorge is always like this. When he gets excited, he can’t wait and always makes a bad choice. I told you that we would have to check other night clubs first, and then we would decide. Fucking Jorge made us to pay extravagant price for nothing!”

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