Let’s go to Roppongi!

Then a disturbed face emerged to a roar of delight from the assembled throng. It was Jorgito. As soon as his piercing eyes located on me, he interrogated with a straight face, “Amigo, please tell me the truth. Why stupid Leticia dressed up tonight?”

“Just because I told her that we would go to a night club after the midnight,” I was perplexed.

“Idiot! Why did you tell her about the night adventure?”

“She’s kept asking me to take her to a night club, so I simply let her know we’re going tonight.”

“No, no, no, amigo, you made a stupid mistake,” he was shaking his head disapprovingly and went on, “you don’t know anything about Leticia. She’ll destroy our night adventure. She is a goddamn selfish vagina. If she doesn’t like a place, she’ll pretend to be tired and ask us to go home. The upshot is that she’ll forever ask us to dance with her. If she comes along with us, I can’t talk to pretty vaginas who I intend to meet and make out with tonight. No, amigo, this is your fucking fault. You must tell her that we’ve changed our plan and felt too exhausted, so we can’t go out tonight.”

Here Gerardo broke in with a downbeat objection, “Son of bitch, did you invite the spoiled vagina? Jorge is right; you must tell her that we’ve changed our plan. I refuse to be jeopardized our night adventure. Look, Shogo, she always wants to have all attention to her, you know, so if she comes with us, we’ll be constantly forced to talk with her and take care of her. Furthermore, when she doesn’t enjoy a place, and nobody gives any shit to her, she’ll threaten us to take her back to the hotel. I’m telling you this from my experiences. I’ve witnessed her annoying selfish-acts so many times. No, man, we can’t take her with us. Trust me, my friend, she’ll ruin our happy night adventure. At any rate, you must ditch her, so that we can accomplish our night business.”

Consequently, I made a lame excuse to their parents and Leticia and took them to Seibu-Shinjuku Station. As we arrived at the station and said good-bye to them, Leticia was yelling at the top of her voice, “Shogo, you are a big lair!”

I felt a wee bit sorry for her. However, I just did what I must have done for the sake of our night undertaking and was glad that I ditched her successfully. Gerardo and Jorgito were over the moon about getting rid of her beautifully and shouted enthusiastically, “Let’s go to Roppongi!”

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