I Need A New Idea, But Not This Bull-Shit Movement.

Gerardo wanted to spend the coming New Year in Sibuya, so we said good-bye to Odaiba and left with ebullience. As we arrived at Hachiko Square, a great number of people were waiting for celebrating on coming New Year. The whole place was literally packed with excited mobs, and we were not able to march on freely. The police was announcing, “Tonight there will be no ceremony and no exhibition on the digital screen, so just leave the place.”

Gerardo, Jorgito, their parents, and Leticia were too excited about the anticipation for spending the moment of coming New Year in Japan. When the clock struck on twelve sharp, everyone was jumping around, hugging each other, and shouting, “Happy New Year” to each other. Only Leticia was capering around under the Japanese winter sky, like a blissful female ass.

To our great astonishment, a group of intoxicated Japanese were waving a cardboard that was written, “Free Hug.” And it must have offended Gerardo’s eyes, since as soon as he saw the sign, he uttered in an irritated voice, “I hate the stupid free hug movement. Shogo, do you know that this idiotic movement has started from England? Even Japanese are shouting, ‘Free Hug!’ Oh, come on, I need a new idea, but not this bull-shit movement. I’m bored to death by the lack of imagination. I’m wondering whether a group of oddballs are bold enough to start a totally unprecedented movement someday, you know, thoroughly original and unique. Let’s say, ‘Free Bang.’ Please surprise me, Gerardo Veloz!”

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