What a Jerk! It’s Unbelievable!

Gerardo demanded that we needed to research a good night club on internet and declared that he would never allow another failed night adventure. Thereupon, we decided to go to an internet café in order to find a nice night club in Tokyo.

As we entered an internet café, a receptionist told us that we had to make a membership card if we wanted to use internet. Gerardo and Jorgito were enraged with his balderdash and vociferated that they would never pay for making a membership card, since they would use it only once, no more. However, the receptionist did not listen to our reasoning and stuck to the established rule like an inflexible butler. Finally, we gave in, and Gerardo insisted that he would be the one to use internet.

The upshot was that the receptionist warned us that Jorgito and I were not allowed to come along with Gerardo, because we did not make a membership card. Gerardo was disconcerted and told us to wait for him outside, with a twisted smile. It was the last straw for Jorgito, and he yelled at the top of his lungs, “What a jerk! It’s unbelievable!”

With that, he stormed out like an incensed bull.


Japanese Dive Me Crazy!”

As we arrived at a strip club, we were crestfallen to see that it was closed. Jorgito was beyond exasperation and cried out in distress, “Amigo, I can’t believe in this stupid country. How come? I just want to enjoy the night life – that’s all. Why does the simplest thing become the most complicated thing in Japan? In Mexico everything is very easy, and people are so friendly. If I want to enjoy a night life, it’s very easy for me to find a great place, like snapping fingers. But alas, fucking Japan! I felt like being insulted again tonight. Why, man? Why on earth can’t I have fun at a whorehouse? Because I am Mexican? And to cap it all, only one strip club in Pontocho is fucking closed! It’s too much! In addition, why the hell does Japan have a lot of conversation clubs? Who cares about stupid talking except repulsive Japanese pricks? Christ, Japanese dive me crazy!”

As a result, we changed a plan and decided to go to a night club. We found out that there was only one night club in Pontocho. It was called WORLD. As we sailed into the night club, we were destined to witness another horror. We were utterly speechless and opened our mouth by the initial shock. We could not comprehend anything; there were only three Japanese dumbbells who were dancing on the dance floor, and they seemed shockingly intoxicated. Gerardo was thunderstruck by a hollow sphere and remarked in a petrified voice, “Oh my God, oh my God! What the fuck is this? Only three gays are dancing, with scandalously disgusted expressions on their faces. Shogo, I must confess that my eyes have just casted on the worst night club on the face of this earth! Don’t expect I’ll chunk out my stallion for nothing!”

Bustled around Kyoto

We were extremely busy like a business executive in Kyoto. We had only two days to explore there, and their parents wanted to visit every famous place. Hence, we had no time to lose – we took a cab to move from place to place. We bustled around Kyoto until their parents were satisfied. We managed to pay a visit to all popular places, such as Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, Ryoan-ji, Heian Jingue, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Sento Imperial Palace, Katura Imperial Villa, Shugaku-in Imperial Vila, etc.

In the night we, three of us, embarked upon a journey of a night adventure as usual. We were sailing on the streets of Pontocho cheerfully. We were informed that Pontocho is a traditional nightlife district. Wherefore, we were very sure of our success in the Kyoto undertaking. As a matter of fact, as soon as we started marching on the street of Pontocho playfully, we saw a sign of a brothel information center. We took it as a good omen and thought that our time finally came. With high expectation, we entered the information center. But alas, we soon had to face another inhospitable fact: every whorehouse did not allow foreigner to enjoy their services. Gerardo and Jorgito were discriminated again. A pimp suggested us in a matter of fact tone that there is only one strip club, so we should try. Or we should go to a conversation club.

We Gave up

The following morning, we went to Meiji Jingue to pray good luck for the New Year. It is one of Japanese traditional things to go to a shrine to pray for good luck in the beginning of a year. Meiji Jingu is a shrine dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken. When we arrived at Meiji Jingue, a great number of people had been queuing already and waiting for their turn to pray for good luck. We had tried to wait for an hour to pray, but it seemed endless to us; therefore, we gave up, went to eat late lunch, and headed back to prepare for Kyoto trip. Gerardo and Jorgito wanted to go to Ropppongi for foraying into another night club. I explained them that in Japan all places are closed on the first of January like Mexico on Christmas, but they did not listen to my reasoning and insisted to go there. Of course, all night clubs were closed, so we just reconnoitered Roppongi for the next night adventure and went home.


You Really Sabotaged Me, Man!

Jorgito was leaning his back on the wall dreadfully and watching the place, with vacant eyes and his hands in his pockets, as if he tried to perceive the situation. And then he was studying a happy throng dancing for a while, in his trance like attitude. Finally, he trudged toward us with a defeated look and announced his conclusion, “This place sucks, you know. This fucking place really sucks! I hate hip-hop so much, and this is not my music! I can only see only black people and few Japanese vaginas. I need more international vaginas, you know… I need more varieties to choose from. Let’s get just one drink and get the hell out of here!”

After finishing a drink, we decided to beat the place and stormed out like furious hurricane. As soon as we hit the street, Gerardo lit a cigarette and ranted, in a vexed voice, “Shogo, you don’t know anything about the night life in Japan. I really wanted to enjoy and get laid on the New Year, but again, you took us to the rotten place. It’s simply outrage, man! I know stupid Jorge made impetuous decision, but you should know better! We spent too much money on that frivolous place. I can’t spend any money for tonight. You sabotaged me, man. You really sabotaged me, man!”

Here some attractive European vaginas were sailing out the right next to the night club. And I suggested, “Calm down, son of a bitch! Look over there, you see, there are angelic blond vaginas. We should invade that night club next time.”

“Oh my God! Are you nuts? You just saw only a few comely vaginas sailing out. We don’t know anything about that night club. I admit they’re pleasing to eyes, but I want to make sure before we make a decision. We really need to research for the next adventure, my friend.”

“Let’s go home and take a rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be another day, amigo!” Jorgito said optimistically.

Another failed night adventure made us fatigued with body and soul. We, three of us, walked into the dark night with the heart full of disappointment.