A Scandalous Statue

The following morning, everyone was energized due to the last day of the year. We had a busy schedule ahead of us. First of all, we went to Shinjuku, because Jorgito and Leticia wanted to go to Takashimaya for shopping. Jorgito was extremely happy, since he bought an elegant black coat and expensive wallet. I knew why he bought the coat – he wanted to show his best attire at a night adventure. We, three of us, were planning to invade Roppongi for the opening of New Year.

And then we went to Odaiba. We sauntered around Odaiba Seaside Park. It is a nice spot to stroll with a magnificent ocean view that I admit, but not a scandalous statue. In point of fact, the park contains copy of the Statue of Liberty, apparently not everyone’s idea of good taste, but humiliatingly popular with birdbrained Japanese. As soon as Gerardo saw the ignominy statue, he stood aghast at the sight of the disgraceful object and announced a strong aversion, “Golly, what the hell is that? I can’t believe in my own eyes that Japanese assholes built the fake Statue of Liberty! Shogo, look at Japanese couples over there who are delightfully taking pictures! For the love of God, please assure me that it is just a bad dream. But I’m not sure, man, Japanese couples seem really happy to take pictures and look like half-witted Homo sapiens. It’s the most preposterous statue that my eyes have ever laid on in my whole life. I absolutely hate the half-baked statue!”

We were continuing to wander over Odaiba. We went to Palette Town and hopped into Daikanransha, which is famous for one of the world’s largest Ferris wheel. After we contemplated the beautiful night view from Daikanransha, we set off to Toyota MEGA WEB, where we enjoyed driving E-com Ride. And from there, we went to Decks Tokyo Beach to eat dinner with an ocean view. Leticia was undoubtedly pleased whole day and gave us an incongruous speech over the dinner.

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