No Sir! We Need to Act

As soon as we hit the street, I explained the frivolous situation down to the last details without omitting anything to them. Gerardo and Jorgito were outraged. I tried to soothe them, but they were resented in the highest degree and did not give their ears to me. Finally, Jorgito could not refrain from bursting into rage and snatched the opprobrium, “Shogo, I was unforgivably insulted! I’m feeling like being spanked in public. To be candid with you, I’ve never been offended like this in all my life. Son of bitch is discriminating us, you know. It’s absolute discrimination without any excuses. I can’t believe that this is happening to us!”

He spat on the street menacingly and carried on his tirade, “Why, Shogo? Why? For Virgin Mary’s sake, tell me, man, why can’t we be allowed to have fun at the stupid whorehouse? Because we can’t speak Japanese? Who the hell cares about a fucking communication? Do we need to have a communication for fornicating? No sir! We need to act. We can fornicate without speaking! And also even if I can’t speak Japanese, I’ll understand everything from a whore’s gestures and expressions.”

“Of course, man!” Gerardo chimed in exasperatedly, “we can understand everything. I’m so offended, too. Shogo, we just want to have a good lay, you know, we don’t need to have a fucking communication. Why the hell do we need to speak goddamn Japanese? I think son of bitch was just making excuses, you know…. They just didn’t want Mexicans to bang their whores!”

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