I Bolted out Like a Madman

Here we were! Two Mexican and the lost sheep were marching on the streets of Kabuki-Cho flamboyantly. Gerardo and Jorgito were horrified to see a lot of conversation clubs and could not comprehend why Japanese are willing to pay for just talking. They told me that it was ridiculous for Japanese pricks to pay for having a conversation, since we could talk to girls anywhere, even coffee shops. I was totally agree with them and ashamed on my fellow countrymen. Even these days, I myself do not comprehend why Japanese blockheads always spend a considerable sum for just having a conversation. When I was a slave, my colleagues always forced me to go to a conversation club with them, but I obstinately refused to spend my money on empty vaginas. Sometimes they forced me to come with them and insisted to pay for all my expenses. As a matter of fact, I was appalled to witness that they were animated and enjoyed talking with scandalously nitwit vaginas. I could not stand the frivolous ambiance more than five minutes; I was scared the pants off of their debaucheries and freaked out. I bolted out like a madman.

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