Hey Man, It’s Too Expensive

Here a grope of British people were walking in the bar. As soon as Gerardo saw them, he flew in the face of belligerence, “Fucking calm down, Jorge. See, I told you. People are coming. Now we have two beautiful British vaginas.”

“What? Only two vaginas? Look at them, they’ve brought their boyfriends, jackass!” Jorgito roared.

He gulped the bottle of beer frantically, looked at me with covetous eyes, and uttered, “Shogo, look at her. Can you see the one wearing blue jeans? Oh my God! She has a voluptuous ass. I’m talking about that kind of ass, you know… the sun might rise and set in her ass, ha-ha-ha…. Look at Chinese vaginas, their asses are as flat as a sheet of paper. I don’t need a fucking flat ass; I need a dazzling ass like British vagina!”

As we hit the street, the frosty wind was blasting on our faces, and we were shivering like a leaf. As soon as we saw a cab, we held it and hoped in. Jorgito was still angry with the fruitless night adventure. When we were driven to the hotel and about to get off, Jorgito was shouting at a cab driver, “Hey man, it’s too expensive. I’m not going to pay this ridiculous price. I’ll give you only these!” With that, he hurled money at him ferociously and slammed the door with unduly violence. Walking into the hotel, he said to us indignantly, “I still can’t believe that Chinese gorilla asked us the extravagant price and tried to swindle us. Christ, what a miscarried night adventure we’ve been through!”

I was totally dumfounded by his aggressive performance. Of course, I noticed that he was riled, and the driver actually asked us a bit higher price than the previous drive. Consequently, I could comprehend his logic: the price must be the same due to the same distance. However, the driver just asked us seven Yuan more than the previous drive. In point of fact, seven Yuan is worth about one American dollar. And in his enraged eyes, it was infamously expensive.

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