Am I Blind?

The second night of China Trip, Gerardo, Jorgito, and I, three of us, decided to conquer Chinese night life as well. Gerardo announced that he knew where we should invade, for his friend told him about a nice bar. He continued informing us that this bar had a lot of international sexy vaginas, and he was very sure that we could have a gay time. Therefore, we decided to go to Blue Bar in spite of a freakily bitter weather.

As we sailed in Blue Bar, the sad empty floor was greeting us. Jorgito was beyond rage and bellowing, “Where are vaginas? I can see only a few Chinese vaginas. Oh my God, stupid Gerardo! He is always like this. He always suggests dump places where nobody wishes to go!”

“Shut up, man!” Gerardo countered, “just wait and be patient. What time is it? Fifteen past ten. Hm…. It’s too early, idiot. Just wait another hour, the place will be packed with full of hot vaginas, you’ll see, you’ll see, asshole. Don’t be too excited – be patient and behave yourself for God’s sake!”

We found a table on the center of floor and ordered drinks. Two hours had elapsed, but the place was still empty except a few Chinese. Jorgito’s patience must have reached to the maximum, for he asked a waitress another bottle of beer, in annoyed voice and began grumbling, “What’s this, eh? What the hell is this, eh? Gerardo, look, look, where? Where are international vaginas? I can only see ugly Chinese vaginas. Am I blind? I don’t think so! By Jove, I was so stupid! I was stupid enough to follow Gerardo’s suggestion. Think about it. Who are willing to go out under such a bitter weather? Outside is goddamn freezing! Listen to me, Gerardo, nobody wants to go to a bar with the temperature below fifteen and a lacerating wind. I knew it would be total fiasco to follow Gerardo’s lead; that’s why I suggested we should invade a strip club. Now we can’t go to a strip club. Why? First of all, it’s been too late already, for we have to wake up early tomorrow morning. And secondly, we’ve already spent money for stupid drinks. I have no money, idiot!”

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