It Was the Worst Party Ever!”

It was past 11:00 p.m. when we were allowed to leave the party. We all were exhausted emotionally except Leticia. Even their parents seemed assuaged with a narrow escape, and the mother expressed her bewilderment, “I don’t understand, Shogo. Why your boss didn’t let us go earlier, for we have to wake up early tomorrow morning? On top of it all, he knew it – I really don’t comprehend anything about Japanese etiquette.” And also Jorgito was displeased to hell and piped up, “Oh my God! It was the total nightmare; it was the unforgettable nightmare that will hunt my life forever… amigo, I’m not joking… when I saw your colleagues, I felt like receiving a slap on my face literally. To be frank with you, I’ve never attended such a crippled party in all my life. I tell you, it was the worst party ever!”

While we were riding on a train, Leticia was still in high spirit, singing a Mexican song in an ecstatic tune, and cavorting like a jubilant pig. Jorgito was amazed to witness her scandalous performance on the train and said, smiling, “Amigo, I can’t believe it. Look at Japanese, they’re totally fagged out. It seems to me that their jobs sucked their energy to naught. I really think their hectic jobs make them lifeless creatures. I’m very sorry for them. Look, they’re collapsing into sleeping; only a few people are awake. All in all, they’re so quiet like a mannequin, while stupid Leticia is singing and monkeying around. She can do anything whatever she wants. I don’t know, which is worse, you know, singing at the top of voice on the train or being smashed to pulp by their atrocious work environment, ha-ha-ha….”

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