The Office Party

After I went through another anguishing day, I headed to Tokyo Station to pick up my friends. As I showed up the rendezvous, they were sitting on the floor from overexertion. They told me that they enjoyed skiing too much and took many pictures. However, they were very surprised that no Japanese could understand English, so they naturally had a hard time to get what they wanted. Even they got off a wrong station twice. Thereafter, we decided to go to Shinjuku for seeing the night views and ate something.

It was a Tuesday night and the night before China trip. We would have to catch a plane for China at 8:45 a.m. next morning; however, we had to go through the most unwelcoming event on the face of this delightful earth: the office party. The party would be held at a Japanese traditional style bar in the vicinity of Tokyo Station and would begin at 8:30 p.m. It was a total fiasco from the beginning to the end. I was so embarrassed to introduce my office members to my friends. Gerardo was extremely shocked to meet my colleagues and cried out, “Son of bitch! How can you work with ugly creatures like them? By Jove, what a variety of ugliness your office assimilates! I’ve introduced you to many beautiful vaginas when you were in Mexico. But alas, you’re introducing me to the monsters. Christ, my stallion is shockingly shrunken! It seems to me that my stallion needs to be apologized, man!”

It was amazing for me to see Leticia being so popular. I have never seen her being surrounded with admirers in Mexico. Of course, Mr. Virgin was constantly trying to win her heart. And at my great horror, Nakao san was madly falling for her either. Leticia was beyond herself, since she had never experienced in her life that two men chased after her at the same time. A miracle, perhaps? Of course, she never let this rare opportunity walk away and knew that it might be a onetime life opportunity for her to be admired so ardently. She was decidedly trying her very best to shower her enchantment over them and busied flirting them with all her charm. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I was wondering whether she would open her heart to one of them.

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