A Big Surprise Was Waiting for Us

Gerardo was justifying himself with a sham smile on his lips, “Shut up, man! Because of my alarm clock, you can wake up on time. You have to thank me instead of insulting my mighty fart. But I don’t know why I’ve produced such a long fart today. It’s actually too long. I’m excited about the ski trip too much, perhaps?”

When we arrived at Tokorozawa Station, a big surprise was waiting for us. Every train was halted due to an accident. Apparently, someone jumped from a platform to commit suicide. It is a common method for Japanese to end up their lives. When I heard the news, I got mad at Japanese meanness that must have crashed a poor man’s soul again. I knew that this unfortunate man could not stand his colleagues beastliness anymore, so he decided to take his life. Poor victims of Japanese society forever repeat the same old song and dance. Offended Japanese always commit suicide from the same reason: fellow countrymen’s malignity. “Another murder! Will Japanese bastards ever stop tormenting their fellow countrymen, so that they can prevent another possible tragedy?” I thought to myself frighteningly.

We had been waiting for a train to resume working for ten minutes, but it seemed to take more time to resume working, so we decided to take a taxi to pick up Leticia at Kumegawa Station. As we arrived at the station, she was waiting for us and humming in a rejoicing tune. She was apparently in a blissful mood again. As soon as she saw us getting off the taxi, she approached us and started talking, like a machinegun that offend me too much. At any rate, thank God, now trains were working again! So we hopped in a train and headed to Tokyo Station, as we planned.

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