You’re a Dreamer And Champion of Life

Here he looked at the other way, checked his temper, and inhaled the air slowly in order to calm himself down. I was just waiting for him to continue hurling his reproach at me, since he was perfectly right, and I deserved it: I was disgraceful and coward. Besides, I had no excuses whatsoever, but I simply needed to admit my embarrassing circumstances.

After a brief silence, he carried on with resentful tears in his eyes, “Shogo, I know you need to earn and save money, so that you can escape from Japan. I’m not a dumbbell, you know. But you can’t let yourself down in such a shameful fashion, and you can’t pretend to respect those whom you despise. Amigo, you always have to remember who you are, for you have the important mission to achieve. You weren’t born to be working for five days a week; you were born to be an artist. You’re a dreamer and champion of life, remember? You always tell me that we must always remain who we truly are, but I couldn’t see true Shogo today – I am very sorry for that. It hurts me so much, you know….”

After we went to Sibuya for shopping, Jorgito confessed me that he was being between a job right now, and his new job would be starting on the fifteenth of January. He was terrified of being an imminent slave soon, since he knew that he could not take such a humiliation anymore, namely, pretending to obey his future boss. Before he went back to Mexico to become a salve again, he needed to be encouraged for going through his new ordeal and wanted to see me fighting for my dear life with dignity. However, when he saw my shameful situation, he was offended to the core of his being and could not forgive me for allowing myself to become an utter failure.

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