Break the Mysterious Silence

To my great surprise, even his parents seemed to concur with his conclusion and somewhat looked relieved. We decided to go to Akihabara because they wanted to see the technology town. While Gerardo, his parents, and Leticia were busy looking for something valuable to buy, Jorgito finally decided to break the mysterious silence. He asked me to have a talk with him privately, so we informed them that Jorgito and I were waiting for them outside.

As soon as we became alone, Jorgito uttered indignantly, “I’m hugely disappointed in you, amigo!”


He spat on the street twice, stared at the distance for a few minutes, and began his tirade, “Amigo, why the hell are you wasting your time with the virgin prick? It’s utterly scandalous for a human being to have such a creepy prick like him, as a boss. Oh my God, even his eyes were constantly glued to Leticia’s ass! Shame on you, man! You have to write a book instead of being a salve. Today I really couldn’t recognize you while your boss was being around with us. You’re my friend, so I have to tell you the truth – you were utterly disgraceful, you know. Why did you talk to him courteously and why did you sometimes bowed slightly to him? I was constantly talking to myself under my breath in the whole afternoon, ‘Is that my friend Shogo? When Shogo is in Japan, does he shamelessly transmute into a complaisant fart? Why doesn’t he quit the fucking job and start living on his life in his own way? And so on and so forth.’ Shogo, do you remember when we passionately talked about our missions in Acapulco? At that moment, you were as strong as Great Ajax, and I helplessly admired your courage. But look at yourself now, amigo, you’re resignedly working five days a week, and to cap it all, you meekly bow to the fucking virgin prick! It was too much for me to witness your total degradation. How long are you planning to continue degenerating yourself? Please wake up, man, you’re punishing yourself!”

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