You’re Working under the Virgin!

My company allowed me to have a holiday vacation from December 28 to January 4, but I persuaded Mr. Virgin of giving me extra day-offs. He allowed me to have the holiday vacation from December 27 to January 5 with two conditions: I have to invite him at least one activity; my Mexican friends and I had to join the office party on December 26. It was total shame for me to introduce my boss and colleagues to my friends, but I had no choice.

The following morning, we had a plan to go to Asakusa to see some Japanese traditional things with a bossy intruder. Firstly, we went to Ikebukuro Station to meet Mr. Virgin. As we arrived at the station, he had been already waiting for us. To my great dismay, he was dressed up with a shining black long coat, Armani suit, black leather gloves, and carefully polished shoes. After I introduced my friends to Mr. Virgin, we went to Big Camera, for Gerardo and his father needed to buy a digital camera. On the way to Big Camera, Gerardo could not refrain from making some remarks in a wispier, “Shogo, how can you do that to yourself, man? Can’t you recognize that your boss is goddamn virgin? Oh my God, you’re working under the virgin!”

“How could you recognize that he is immaculate?” I was startled.

“Are you nuts? It’s obvious, man! At the fast glance, I recognize he is eternal virgin, so to speak. How old is that asshole?”

I looked down, tried doing my best to prevent from bursting out laughing, and muttered, “He is thirty years-old virgin, my friend.”

Here Gerardo could not refrain from bursting out laughing and let himself laugh uproariously till tears streaming down his cheeks. Mr. Virgin asked me why he was laughing head off, but I did not say anything and called Leticia to talk to him as camouflage. After Gerardo laughed to his heart’s content, he wondered, “By the way, why the hell is the unsullied prick donning the unnecessary expensive clothes for the outing?”

“That’s his style.”

He gave another hysterical laughter and said, “Shogo, you should quit your job before you are contaminated. Please I really beg you, ha-ha-ha….”

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