Unforgettable Scandals

When I saw a very first Mexican emerged gleefully from the gate, I could not believe in my own eyes and shouted involuntarily, “Dear me, they’ve brought the extra package!” It was Leticia, who was the last person I wanted to see in Japan. As soon as this uninvited guest casted her eyes on me, she approached me, kissed my cheeks, and started gushing like Niagara waterfall. It was apparent to all that she was high spirited. And then I was dismay to witness her first mischief: she started cavorting around ecstatically and singing as aloud as an amplifier. “It is a matter of time that this cracked vagina will cause unforgettable scandals during her sojourn in Japan,” I thought to myself while watching her performance.

Gerardo approached me with an apologetic look and defended himself, “Believe me, Shogo, it wasn’t my fault. She invited herself, man! When I told her that I was going to Japan, she said she would join us. My first impression was that she was shitting me, so I discarded her remark regardless. But alas, a week before our departure, she informed me that she bought the flight ticket. Can you beat it? Nobody can stop that barmy vagina, ha-ha-ha….”

My little sister helped me to pick them up because she owned a huge car. I have not driven a car since I was twenty-three-years old. I want to be as free as a vagabond without any resources, so that I am able to knock about the world from every calling and never miss single opportunity. The simple fact was that even if I wanted to have a car, I could not afford it due to my scandalous poverty. Anyway, many thanks to my little sister, we, eight of us, safely drove to my parents’ house. To begin with, we stopped by a hotel twenty minutes away from my parent’s house. Gerardo and Jorgito could stay at my parent’s house, but the rest of them needed an accommodation, because my parent’s house was not big enough to take all them in. As a matter of fact, I could find a hotel in the vicinity of my parent’s house, but Gerardo requested me specifically not to find a hotel in perilous, so that he could find a way in his orbit to release his stallion at the first opportune shot.

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