A Very Strange Relationship

I was at Tokyo Narita Airport and eagerly waiting for my friends to be emerging from the gate. Even these days I am very sure that if Gerardo and Jorgito had not visited Japan in order to shower their friendship over me, I would have been probably crushed to pieces by my mean colleagues. I was informed that their parents would visit Japan with them. It was great news for me to see their parents in Japan indeed, because I consider them as my Mexican parents. Their mother has always been kind to me and always showed me around Mexico City; their father is actually one of my good friends. We have built a very strange relationship. He cannot speak any English, and I speak a little Spanish; however, we always have a pleasant time. It always remains a great mystery to Gerardo. He always asks me with a puzzled look, “Shogo, I don’t understand anything. Every time I see my father and you together, you, guys, seem to be having a wonderful time. But you and my father can’t communicate with each other. How come you enjoy my father’s company all the time?”



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