In Order to Witness My Misfortune

It was the twenty second of December, and I woke up as fresh as a young god. I was intoxicated the whole day since the morning, and a beautiful tune of whistling constantly came from my lips. It seemed to me that my condition of illness was somehow getting better. Since I began working for Williams Lea whorehouse, I had constantly had a diarrhea with blood. Lo and behold, I produced an immaculate turd in this morning. When I saw it, I could not help myself praising Almighty Lord with appreciating tears in my eyes, and I could not help reciting a prayer: “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted, amen.” However, I must warn you that this great prayer does not work before Japanese stuck-up cockroaches. Every time you show your humble side to them, they will take it as a sign of weakness, swell with pride, become contemptuous, and crucify you to the hell. I must confess that it was entirely my fault for allowing myself to humble before my mean colleagues. As soon as they saw my meek servitude, they started showering a fresh insult over me every single minute. Or the part of my ego had unconsciously craved exaltation, perhaps? – As Nietzsche said: “He who humbles himself wishes to be exalted.” At any rate, it did not matter to me today, since Gerardo and Jorgito were visiting Japan in order to witness my misfortune.