Made Me Cry Shamelessly

Whenever I recalled my wretched circumstances, I was depressed to the point of shame. I had already finished drinking coffee and decided to catch a train to go home. “I cannot understand how Japanese are able to exercise their meanness monstrously. I cannot understand how they can treat fellow Japanese, with so much maliciousness apropos of nothing. I cannot understand how they allow atrocious situations to keep going on? I really think that something was undoubtedly wrong with Japanese society. They need to change fundamentally and need to realize that we are not a cog of gigantic machine, but human beings with feelings. They cannot treat human beings like a chip of wood. I cannot accept their sadistic attitudes toward other human beings. They have to stop practicing their meanness; otherwise…,” my heart was screaming while I was waiting for a train. Unfortunately, this hostile sickness has spread to all over Japan like a plague for decades. I was so devastated, for I knew that Japanese contemptibleness was horrible and shocking – I had to stop their beastliness toward my fellow countrymen. On top of it all, I knew that I was right. However, I was powerless; I could not prevent them from Japanese low-down and dirty proclivity to abuse each other. This cold reality lacerated my heart, slapped my face, and made me cry shamelessly.


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