I Shook Her Hand off Repulsively

It was the last straw for me. I had to end the shuck and jive in this right instance.

“I’m not playing your stupid game anymore. I’ll make a call to confirm the transaction and beat the office for this right instance!” I said unwaveringly.

“You can’t do that, for this is your duty to complete the list as seemly as possible. I’ve always told you that making a list is not an easy job. It takes a time. And right now I need you to change the list and show it to me again.”

“No, I won’t do it. Do you know what I think of you? You are a pathetic dwarf, yes, you are downrightly a pathetic dwarf! If you don’t like the list, why don’t you make it yourself? Everyone has different tastes, and if you want to make it according to your taste, why didn’t you make it yourself at the first place? Enough is enough. I’m going home!”

With that, I was standing up.

She grabbed my left arm with both of her hands and shouted frantically, “You can’t leave the office till I allow. You haven’t finished your job, so you are not entitled to leave. Finish your job, I’m telling you!”

It was enough sappy jazz for me already, and I was so disgusted in her meanness to boot. I shook her hand off repulsively, as though I found a cockroach climbing up on my left arm, and I grabbed my jacket and bag, then I simply walked out the office while she was hysterically screaming behind my back.


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