No More Wasting Time

I was incensed with her rancorous performance. “She made me to stay because of fucking cheese? I have to call and ask them to change the list due to fucking cheese! And then I have to wait more twenty minutes for them to change the list to send me back. It is beyond ludicrous,” I thought to myself furiously. However, I decided to do what she ordered me, so that I wouldn’t waste any time for talking with the mad woman. I composed myself with my best forbearance, swallowed my pride, and made a call to change the list.

I received the new list around 6: 30 p.m. Nothing was changed except blue cheese and the total amount. “At last, I can beat the office!” I forced myself to look at sunny side. As I was about to make a call, once more the dwarf approached me ominously and said insolently, “Show me the list, Shogo san?”

I submissively gave it to her, so that no more wasting time. She brought it back to her desk and scrutinized it again. She ostentatiously took a time to examine it. And then she came back to my desk and hurled another bombshell, “Shogo san, I think you ordered too many potato chips. You need to change some of them to chocolates. You must change the list again. You’d better think what people like. After you are done with it, show it to me again.”


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