Cream Cheese Is Fine with Me

I received the list around 5: 30 p.m. I was ready to call the confirmation and beat the office immediately. As I tried to make a call, the dwarf was approaching me with her disgusting steps and asked, “Did you check the list, Shogo san?”

“Of course, I did. It was good combination. I’m about to make the confirmation call.”

“Can you show me the list?”


“Because I need to check it,” she replied snobbishly.

Her intention was palpable: she wanted me to do extra work. She always carped that I always beat the office as soon as my times up and never did any extra work. She wanted to torture me and knew that making me do extra work was the severest torture for me. I recognized her evil intention, so I said calmly, “I don’t need to show you the list, for I am charging of ordering snacks on this week. You marshalled me to do it, so I did. I need to make a call and finish the transaction right now. Please excuse me and let me do my job.”


“Shogo san, you still don’t understand anything. I’m controlling the general office; I am your boss, in a way, so to speak. In fact, I’m your superior. Consequently, when I ask you to show me the list, you must give it to me. Otherwise, you can’t make a call and can’t go home!”

With that, she snatched the list from my desk violently and took it to her desk. She took an infinite time to securitize it, circled an item with a red pen, and came back to my desk. And she demanded banefully, “Shogo san, you need to change it. You can see here – I circled it for you. We don’t need cream cheese, but blue cheese. Everyone likes blue cheese. You need to call them to change the list and send it back to us again, so that we can examine it again.”

“What? Are you in a right mind? Do you want me to call them to change the list because of a goddamn cheese? No thank you very much – I won’t do that. Cream cheese is fine with me.”

“No, Shogo san, you have to call and change it because it’s not so good. You should know that everyone likes blue cheese. You can’t leave the office till you change it. Make it happen if you want to go home,” she uttered bombastically and went back to her desk triumphantly.


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