Forever Ready to expose My Misbehaviors

Hereafter, I had become her mortal enemy and the target of her maliciousness. She always tried to find out my fault with all her vigilance; she was forever ready to expose my misbehaviors in the office. First, she noticed that I never made any Japanese documents, but only English documents. She told everyone that it was not fair for them, because I did only take care of English documents. It was not my fault, because no one could understand English sufficiently, so I had to make all English documents; however, the dwarf forgot everything and ordered me to make Japanese documents as well. And then she noticed that I occasionally went to the break-room and stayed there over thirty minutes. And it was not my fault either, for many lawyers knew that I spoke English and wanted to talk to me, so some of them naturally became my friends and talked to me every time they ran into me there. She told everyone that I was not doing my job; I always talked to lawyers at the break-room while they were sweating to make documents. Furthermore, she complained me that I never took the early shift and brought pressure to bear upon to take it.

As a result, the irresistible collision happened that I would never forget. The law firm had a wine party every Friday night, and the general office was the charge of a grocery list for the party. We had to order wines and snacks and prepared them at the break-room. The dwarf was the charge of ordering snacks from a grocery store. It was actually too easy job, because she just needed to call them, tell them our budget for the party, and ask them to make a list and send it to us via e-mail. It was so simple, but the dwarf made it complicated. She wanted to choose food by herself; therefore, once she received a list, she scrutinized it from the top to bottom a couple of times and changed the list until every single snack became her taste.

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