Become Mortal Enemies

A few days later, of course, the dwarf began noticing the change. When she saw Nakao san and Keiko san talking and laughing together, she could not control her jealous anymore and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Stop talking during the office hours! Both of you had better finish copying these documents immediately. Understood?” From this day on, Nakao san and the dwarf had become mortal enemies to each other.

While they were fighting to each other over fatuous things, I was trying to do my best to stay away from horseplay. All in all, I decided not to involve with any of their shameful fights. However, one day I made a grievous mistake to contribute the information which incurred the dwarf’s wrath. From this point forward, she had tried to make my Williams Lea Japan’s life miserable in her every possible way. Here is what happened….

It came to every one’s attention that Keiko san never sat down on her chair during the office hours, but standing up like a soldier all day. When Tom came to the general office for my help, the moribund incident happened. He always asked my help directly without sending his secretary, because he knew that I could speak well English. He naturally noticed that Keiko san always stood at the corner of the office, like a sentinel whenever he visited the general office; he wanted to know why she always stood at the corner of office, while we sat down and did nothing. Thereupon, he asked me about it in English that caught off my guard defenselessly. I thought that the dwarf could not understand any English; therefore, I explained her meanness to Tom by pointing at the dwarf with my index finger and told him that she made Keiko san stand at the corner of the office every day, for she was jealous of Keiko san too much. Tom thought that it was extremely mean and asked me to let Keiko san sit down her chair to relax forthwith. By the same token, he told me to warn the dwarf to stop mistreating her. And then he walked out the general office appallingly.


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