Her Smug Performances Hurt Everyone’s Eyes

When I finished reading this frivolous message, I burst out laughing till tears welled up in my eyes. And then I suddenly realized the unfavorable reality: Mr. Virgin definitely considered that I was a culprit for destroying his opportunity for metamorphosis. “Daman it! The dwarf used me and made Mr. Virgin believe that I was the cause of ending his happy life at the office! Why doesn’t he tell me face to face if he wants to say something to me? It is the meanest act for him to distribute this kind of malevolent message, instead of telling a person face to face!” I thought to myself indignantly. However, I decided to ignore the lampoon and decided to behave as if I never read it.

The other important aspect was that Nakano san had started losing his faith in the dwarf. She became arrogant and insolent, day by day and brought her baseness to light without any reservations. Her smug performances hurt everyone’s eyes, especially, Nakao san.

One day Nakao san could not endure her conceited performance anymore and divulged me that he could not understand Kaita san and could not recognize her anymore. Now she started overpowering not only Keiko san, but Nakao san as well. She used to regard Nakao san’s opinions significantly, such as who would take care of copying documents, who would take care of binding documents, or who would take care of sorting mails; but not anymore. She just ordered Nako san to do this or that and stopped heeding his opinions. Moreover, he told me that the dwarf had forbidden him to talk to Keiko san and ordered him to make her stand up all the time. Belatedly, her hubris opened Nakao san‘s eyes widely as if he saw dawn the first time in his life. He has started rebelling at the dwarf and pretending to be nice to Keiko san.


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