A Solitary Interval

Mr. Virgin was totally dejected and did not snap stupid jokes anymore. He told us that he needed a solitary interval for a while in order to cure his emotional devastation, and he vanished into CP room gloomily. What is more, he gave Kaita san all authorities to control the general office. He utterly stopped talking to us; he just sent e-mails when he needed to communicate with us. One day he sent us the bombshell:


Attention Everyone,

Today I feel that I should stop hibernating and should take a step forward. Today I feel that I must say something. I have noticed inappropriate behaviour at the general office recently. I want to change his behaviour immediately and want him to consider about the job more seriously. He is the solo reason why I have been forsaken and become a hermit. First of all, he should have never meddled in my private affair. Because of him, I have been spending lonely existence here. I have never felt so forlorn and crestfallen in my life. I do not want to say the name, but he himself should understand whom I am talking about. In addition, this person should not read books and should not visit unrelated websites during the office work. He should understand that when he has no immediate duty, he ought to come up with something useful for the office environment. And most importantly, he has to learn how to respect his superior. I will give you the website address, which contains the information how to behave correctly before a boss at an office. I need everyone to read it and understand the office behaviour, especially, the one who has been tormenting me to the hell.

The General Office Manager

Williams Lea Japan

Norio Ishida

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