Just Wanted to Be Free from a Farce

Two days had elapsed since the incident, and things had changed dramatically or worse I should say. Nakao san informed me that the dwarf had a bound and determined confabulation with Mr. Virgin and hurled the ultimatum at him. The most preposterous update was that she told him that it was my idea to warn him. I never said anything about Keiko san and never had any grudge for her, because I did not care anything about a farce. But according to Nakano san’s information, it was my suggestion, and I was the initiator!

Mr. Virgin had stopped chattering with Keiko san and taking her lunch with him at all once since the ultimatum. And he completely abandoned from training her and gave all authority to the dwarf for taking care of Keiko san. From that moment on, nobody could stop a forthcoming apocalypse. I had to witness the meanest acts, that the history has never recorded since the creation.

The dwarf became mightier and mightier each day and exercised her authority over Keiko san cruelly. Keiko san was not allowed copying documents unless she asked the dwarf’s instruction. The dwarf always lectured her same eternal mambo jumbo over and over, with unseemly arrogance. Furthermore, the dwarf never let Keiko san sit down but constantly made her stand up. She had to stand up even if there was nothing to do.

I was so angry with the dwarf’s churlish demeanour, but I did not say anything. I just did not want to incur the dwarf’s wrath; I just wanted to be free from a farce.