It Was Ultimate Shame!

“Golly, it was very unlucky for you, Nakao san,” I was pretending to be sympathetic and looking at the floor, so that he could not notice that I was almost ready to burst out laughing.

“It was beyond unlucky, Shogo san; it was ultimate shame!” he protested bitterly, “everyone was watching me, and I had to clean up the mess. But it wasn’t at all; when I spilled the cup of coffee over the floor, Keiko san said, ‘What are you doing, Nakao san? You should’ve asked me to pass the coffee to you. Anyway, you have to clean it up before the carpet will be stained.’ Stained? Can you beat it, Shogo san? And the worst part was that she didn’t move an inch and didn’t help me. I really wanted to yell at her, ‘Because of you, bitch! Because of you, I’m goddamn humiliated! You clean it up, fucking bitch!’ What’s more, I wanted to beat her up with a chair she was sitting, crashed her to pieces, and flashed them into a toilet. But alas, I couldn’t say anything and couldn’t beat her up because there were so many bystanders. Consequently, I dejectedly went to the break-room, took a mop, and cleaned up the mess by myself. Shogo san, we must do something for our situation and must stop Keiko san before another disaster happens. Kaita san and I have already talked about the situation thoroughly and reached the conclusion: We’d better give Ishida san the ultimatum – stop being blinded by the love and start behaving himself immediately. He ought to be realized that he is her boss, you know…. At any rate, if Keiko san already becomes his girlfriend, it’ll be troublesome. Anyway, I have to go back to the general office before anyone suspects that I’m here expostulating with you about her monkey business. And also I’ll let Kaita san know that you agree with our plan. By the way, this affair still remains a mystery to me, and I’ve been still wondering how in the heaven’s name Ishida-san could fall for such a monster, like Keiko san at the first place?”

With that, he gave me a slippery hose-wink and dashed back to the general office frenziedly without my concurrence.

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