I’m Not a Schoolboy

He went to the cooler box to fetch bottles of water and gave one of them to me. He drained it ferociously and exploded, “Shogo san, you have no idea. Today has been a hectic day from the morning at the general office. A number of documents are waiting to be copied and bound, so I was busy occupying with them. But alas, Keiko san didn’t do anything! She was just humming on a chair and everlastingly babbling with Ishida san. I thought it’s utterly inappropriate behavior, for I am indeed her superior. It has to be opposite, you know – she is supposed to copy and bind them; I am supposed to relax. Anyway, when I saw her laughing and chattering delightfully, unbridled rage assailed me. But I did my best to compose myself because I’m not a schoolboy. Besides, there were many secretaries at that moment, so I didn’t want them to see us bickering. And then I suddenly felt thirsty and desperately wanted to drink coffee. As you know, my desk is next to Ishida san’s desk – I put a cup of coffee on my desk. I wanted to drink my coffee so bad, but Keiko san was sitting on my chair and jabbering with Ishida san. I was so mad at her and decided to get the coffee at any cost, for it was my coffee anyway. I strode toward my desk with determination and tried to grab it carefully. But alas, my furious fingers spilled it over the floor, shit!”


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