Like a Possessed Swine

He whipped sweets on his forehead with both of his hands and disclosed his secret hatred toward her, “Shogo san, I have to tell you something. I think we ought to give Keiko san a wake-up call because she obviously misunderstands the job. You know, if she is with her friends and if she is on her private life, I don’t say anything and pretend not to see anything. However, Shogo san, however, we’re talking about the office decorum here. She always talks to Ishida san and do nothing. She is forever sitting on a chair and forever jabbering away. To cap it all, she thinks she’s already tamed him. It’s completely wrong for her part, because she is new and hasn’t known anything about the job yet. In short, she must change her attitude toward the work.”

I was a bit surprised because I had never seen him in such an infuriated state before. And I suspected that something must have happened in the general office; otherwise, he did not rush in CP room like a possessed swine. Therefore, I asked him without beating around the bush, “Tell me everything, Nakano san. I know something happened there. What did Keiko san do to you? Because you’re clearly riled.”

“What she did to me is unforgivable!” he screamed.


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