This Is Order – I Must Obey

Nakao san apologized, “I am very sorry for leaving you alone at such a busy hour, Shogo san. But you know, when Kaita san asks me to follow her, this is order – I must obey. I know that right now we have a great deal of documents to copy and bind, so if you feel you are not able to make the dead line, please come to the break-room to ask our help.” And then he chased after the dwarf as loyal as Sancho Panza.

A couple of days later, it was Nakao san’s turn to be exasperated. Beside the general office, we had to take care of CP room, which was located on the south side of the floor; the general office was located on the north side of the floor. One person had to take care of the CP room, and we made a rotation each week. It was my turn to take care of CP room.

While I was enjoying my freedom at the CP room, Nakano san was cropping up out of the blue with heavy breathing, “How’s it going on? Are you busy, Shogo san?”

“Not really. What’s up, Nakao san?”

He suddenly inquired apropos of nothing, “What do you think about Keiko san?”

“I think she talks too much and too loud all the time.”

“Bravo, Shogo san, your analysis really hits the nail on the head! She is goddamn noisy!” he exclaimed with something fierce in his eyes.


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