Absolutely Decided Not to Join the Conversation

Here Nakao san offered her a chair and asked her to sit down. And he went to get a bottle of water from the break-room and gave it to her. She allowed herself plopped into the chair and drained it, like a fish being out of water for a long time.

She whipped her mouth with her abominable kerchief and resumed, “Nakao san, we have the big issues to consider about. Ishida san is head over heels in love with Keiko san, for sure, and she knows it. The worst part is that she is taking the advantage of his infatuation. She hasn’t showed any proper respect for me and has openly ignored my existence since her first appearance. For instance, she’s never greeted me when she enters the office and never asked my permission to go home when her work shift is over. And the biggest issue is that she’s never asked my instruction before she starts copying legal documents. Does she know that this is serious business but not a child’s play? It’ll be too late after she makes a mistake. Nakao san, we must do something and rectify the situation before things are aggravated.”

“It’s impossible for Keiko san to make a mistake because she just needs to push a button,” I thought to myself. However, I decided to keep mum and absolutely decided not to join the conversation.

The dwarf gave a contemptible glance at me and grumbled to Nakao san cantankerously, “Let’s go to the break-room to discuss the matter between ourselves, because Shogo san apparently doesn’t care about the issue.” With that, she strode out the office, in frenzied steps.

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