But He Left Me No Choice

A week later, the dwarf was rage beyond control. She came back to the office from a lunch break with bloodshot eyes. And she denounced in infuriated voice, “I can’t allow this situation to continue anymore!”

Nakano san was startled by her tone and asked devotedly, “Is there anything wrong, Kiata san? What happened? What can I do for you?”

She breathed heavily and began her tirade, “I don’t want to talk about Ishida san’s personal business and improper affair. But he left me no choice; he just made me feel like singing out, like Johnny Cash. First of all, he shouldn’t have mixed his private life with office life. Listen to me carefully, Nakao san, I’ve witnessed a disparaging incident when I went to Maru-hiro building to enjoy having lunch with delicious food. While I was on my way to the office after having a bite, I was bumping into Ishida san and Keiko san. They were walking, hand in hand, laughing. It was shocking for me to watch them walking like that, but I did my very best to compose myself and bowed to them as solemnly as Lady Murasaki. But alas, they openly ignored me as if I were a lamppost! What makes me exasperate the most is that how the hell they always take a lunch break together? Why has Ishida san never invited me to lunch? It is totally out of place behaviour for him!”

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